Roof Inspection & Maintenance

Roof Inspections & Maintenance serving Connecticut

Roof inspections play an important role by identifying potential problems before they become damaging leaks. When combined with other services we provide, it produces an effective Roof Maintenance Program. Our Roof Inspection Program starts with a 200 item Roof Inspection Checklist and can include photos, infrared scans, and a report depending on the customers' needs. Most of our customers take advantage of this service twice a year and combine it with roof cleaning that we perform for them.

To review a copy of our Roof Inspection Checklist or set up a Roof Inspection, please contact us.

Why Regular Inspection & Maintenance Are Important

Why Regular Inspection & Maintenance Are Important

When our roof inspection services, leak investigation services, and roof repair services are all combined into a Roof Maintenance Program, they form a powerful tool in the effort to maximize your roof's life and to minimize disturbances. But our roof maintenance services don't stop there. We can also clean debris, power wash, and apply new coatings to roofs as well. Through years of dedicated commercial roofing service in East Hartford, Windsor, Hartford, CT and the surrounding areas, we've built a reputation for delivering the highest quality service. No matter what your roofing situation is, we can provide a solution and a level of service that will satisfy your needs.